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Practical Use of The Logistics Model

Practical Use of The Logistics Model

TABLE 2.1 Components of logistics management model

Logistics management tool
Materials coordinator
Responsible for managing the logistics model during the construction process
Supply plan
Supply plan indicates the proposed delivery dates of units for the whole project. This plan is specified by the material coordination in cooperation with each suppliers/subcontractor.
Request schedule
A detailed version of the supply plan covering a three week period. The schedule is drawn up by coordinator in cooperation in each subcontractor.
Unloading plans
These plans indicated where daily supplies (units) would be delivered on site.
Unit specification
A unit is a package of materials requires for one working operation within one craft at one location on the construction site. The content of each unit was specified by individual subcontractors. A unit plan was specified by the materials supplier in conjunction with the materials coordinator

Sources: Agapiou, A 1997

The logistics model was developed to improve a number of aspects of the design and construction process. The project team identified several criteria for consideration, including:

i. Planning of site practice
ii. Deliveries of materials to site
iii. Number of changes to the detailed design
iv. Re-work during the construction stage
v. Site working conditions.   


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