Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Definition and Scope of Logistics

In the concise Oxford Dictionary, It is defined as “art of moving, lodging and supplying troops and equipment”. In business, logistics activities commonly involve movement and storage for the purpose of having the desired object of flow at the right place at the right time. Transport and distribution are cornerstones of logistic is
flow from the extraction of raw materials to the incorporation into the finished building.(Claussen 1995). For most of the materials purchased, the planning of the deliveries is undertaken on ad hoc basis (Clausen 1995).Based on Enhassi, (1996) this can lead to two types of problem. First, some materials may be purchased just before they are required, resulting in delays, and interruption to the working schedule. Second, other materials are procured in large quantities without complying with production needs on site. This can result in a waste of resources during stocking, handling and transporting. Responsibility for waste concerns all project participants. It concerns general management as well as site management; any solution to the problem should involve all parties such as those who design the building, those who design the materials and component; and those who specify, describe and account for the work and suppliers materials (Loundoun 1976).


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