Monday, 18 April 2011

Just in Time Method

The Just in Time method is the method that can reduce the wastage of the project from the overall view. Just in Time building material management, as an addition to good management practices, has the potential to ensure that contractors are competitive in a tough market.  Just in Time implementation for building material management requires trust and discipline on the part of the contractor and its suppliers. This require the contractor to redefine its relationship with its suppliers. An indication of successful implementation of Just in Time in the construction sector, based on trust, commitment and cooperation. Generally, Just in Time in manufacturing achieves a series of benefits. It improves communication, increases inventory turnover, reduce inventory, eliminates warehouse, improves services, reduce supplier base, improves or enhances forecasting, simplifies ordering and receiving procedures, builds up long term relationship with suppliers, provides quicker resolution of delivery problems, decrease purchasing and administrative costs, decreases carrying cost, improves sense of team spirit, decreases traffic time and achieves lower prices. This study gives a clear perspective of the information about the infrastructure project. Basically, infrastructure is the basic underlying or feature of a system or organization and it also can be understand as a large scale of public systems like power, water supply, roads and public transportation.


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