Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Implementation of Just-In-Time for Building Material Management.

Implementation of Just-In-Time for Building Material Management.

The implementation of Just-In-Time for building material control in construction will need reorientation and changes in attitudes of construction management and workers. Just-In-Time requires flexibility and demands workers participation in the decision making process. Current practice in the construction industry gives little or no opportunity to workers, particularly at the lower level, to participate in decision making. On the implementation of Just-In-Time in the construction industry, it can concludes that ‘the very nature of construction activities suggest that the Just-In-Time concept, which has been adopted successfully for raising productivity in manufacturing, can only be applied gain fully if appropriate structure modification are made in the construction industry’ (Low 1992).

Figure 2.2 shows the relationship between all these stage and the Just-In-Time application to building material management.


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